Wheel your boat like you're pulling a wagon... with no lifting.

The Eide Bow Wheel will carry the bow of the boat and allows the boat to be moved or transported with out lifting when used with the Eide flip-up transom wheels.

The Bow Wheel turns with the pull handle, providing easy steering when traveling both forward and backwards. The two side arms are attached to a ball mount using one pin. The assembly is retractable and can be pulled up and carried over the top of the bow while on the water. It also folds for storage. It will accommodate both our 10” and 15” Beach Master pneumatic wheels. Excellent for sand and tide flats, as well as concrete ramps, asphalt and gravel. The Bow Wheel uses the same bow plate as in our Tow Bar system which allows a vehicle to tow the boat.
15" Beach Master
10" Pneumatic
Ball and Cup Attachment
Bow plate attachment
10" Bow Wheel and transom wheels in up position

10" Folded Bow Wheel

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