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Rust free aluminum rack hardware.

Installs with simple hand tools.

1900lb test hollow braid line for easy splicing.

For vehicles 5' to 10' in height.

No drilling of vehicle in 205 and 205C drip rail attachment models. Boat loader attachment kits available for Suburbans.

300:1 gear ratio and right angle gear box in 12 volt motor. Two winch lines for secure loading.

60:1 gear ratio cordless drill operated model boat loaders.

For boats up to 16' and 295 lbs.

Over 30,000 boat loaders in use.

205 & 205C Special Canopy Models will load boats larger than the Canopy.

Models 404 portable drill and 404E electric are designed for Canopies or Racks only. The Canopy or rack must be wider than the width of the boat.


The Eide Boat Loader accomplishes the four major things a boater who car tops wants most:

Turn the boat over.
Eliminates first flipping the boat upside down to lift it up

Put it on top.
No lifting or pushing the boat up on the rack. Winch lines do all the work.

Tie it down.
Line arrangement provides automatic tie down of both the bow and transom. Attach a safety lines and you're ready to go!

Take it off.
By turning the power roller the boat is automatically untied. You can place it right in the water if you can drive to it.


In the loaded position the boat is automatically secured and rests on two rollers. In unloading, one roller is driven by the gear motor or portable drill. As the roller turns, the boat moves rearward by friction of the roller. The boat tilts up and its lowered automatically by the two lines unwinding off the power roller. Loading is the reverse action and almost completely automatic. The lines on the power roller turn, lifting the boat and pulling it forward to its automatically secured position. Attach a safety line to the bow and you are ready to go!

EASY – Push the switch or activate your cordless drill to load and unload-no heavy lifting. Automatic tie down holds boat securely in the loaded position. You are ready to drive away after attaching a safety line.

FAST – about a minute to unload and a minute and a half to load.

EFFICIENT – Uses about 1% of the power in a 75 amp-hr vehicle battery in the electric model.

SAVES GAS – you use less gas carrying your boat than you do trailering it.

SIMPLE – easily installed with simple hand tools. All models will accommodate tall vehicles.

Parts can be ordered at 1-800-937-3433 or 503-989-4412

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