Removable Truck Rack System

The Insta-Rack can be ordered in one of three heights, 24", 27" and 32" in an option of one of two styles of bed wall mounting brackets. One is for beds without a canopy/shell (UR Models), and the other is for trucks with a canopy (CS Models). No bolting to the shell. For corrosion resistance the Insta Rack is powder coated steel tubing. The kit comes packaged in two separate boxes with all mounting hardware included to bolt to the truck bed rails. Shipping is UPS.

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The CS Model brackets extend over the bed wall to allow the camper shell to locate on top of the bed wall and Insta-Rack mounting brackets.

Boat Loaders with the Insta-Rack

If you do not have a shell on your pick-up, or you do not want to mount the loader directly to the shell, you can use our versatile line of Insta Racks with the Boat Loader.

The Insta-Rack is available in three sizes to fit over the shell or canopy, 24", 27" and 32" tall. Boat Loader Model 205 Electric or 305 Hand Winch can be used with the Insta-Rack.

The telescoping, bolt together Insta-Rack provides a mounting platform for the Boat Loader to attach. Boats up to 15' and 295 lbs. and most all truck sizes can be accommodated.

UR Mounting Bracket
CS Mounting Bracket
Canopy will fit inside CS Model uprights
Insta-Rack without a boatloader
205 Electric Boat Loader on the CS Model Insta-Rack
The Boat loader bolts on top of the CS Model Insta-Rack

eide boat loader

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