• Rust free aluminum rack hardware.
  • Installs with simple hand tools.
  • 1900 lb. test hollow braid line for easy splicing.
  • For vehicles 5' to 10' in height.
  • No drilling of vehicle in 205 and 305 drip rail attachment model. Attachment kits available for Suburbans, Jeeps and other SUV's.
  • 300:1 gear ratio right angle gear box in 12 volt motor models.
  • 4:1 gear ratio and 9" handle in hand winch model.
  • For canoes up to 19' and 200 lbs.
  • Over 30,000 boat loaders in use.
  • 205 & 305 Models will load canoes wider than the canopy.
  • Model 404, 404E are for Canopies/Shells or Racks only. 200lbs. Canopy or Rack must be wide enough to accept the canoe.


Starting from the loaded position, the canoe has been automatically secured and rests on two rollers. In unloading, the rear power roller is driven by a gear motor or a hand winch. As the roller turns, the canoe is automatically untied and driven rearward (by friction of riding on the roller). When the canoe center of gravity passes the rear power roller the canoe bow tilts up and is lowered by a line unwinding off the power roller. The bow is lowered in the bridle to the ground. Loading is the reverse action and almost completely automatic. The power roller turns in the opposite direction, winding up the line, picking up the canoe bow in the bridle and pulling the canoe forward to its secured position. Attach a safety line to the bow and you are ready to go!


All Eide Canoe Loaders accomplish the four major things a boater who car tops wants most:

  1. Reliable loader hardware.
    30 years of experience. Rust free aluminum racks.
  2. Put it on top.
    No lifting or pushing the boat up on the rack. The winch line does all the work.
  3. Tie it down.
    Line arrangement provide final automatic tie down of both the bow and transom. Attach a safety line and you're ready to go!
  4. Take it off.
    By turning the power roller the canoe is automatically untied, rolled off on it's wheels and ready for easy transport.

EASY Push the switch or turn a hand crank to load and unload; no heavy lifting. Automatic tie down holds boat securely in the loaded position; you are ready to drive away after attaching a safety line.

FAST about a minute to unload and a minute and a half to load.

EFFICIENT uses about 1% of the power in a 75 amp-hr vehicle battery in the electric model.

SIMPLE easily installed with simple hand tools.

CONVENIENT the economical hand winch model can be converted to electric with the purchase of a gear motor kit.

Canoe bow rests on bridle
Bow and Bridle are raised to the rear roller
Transom wheel move forward as bridle lifts bow
Bridle and Canoe are pulled forward
Canoe is pulled until it pivots around the rear roller
Canoe lands on the front roller and rolls forward until it's loaded
Boat wheel, pointed end
Boat wheel, square end

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