Frontend End Fifth Wheel Mount

The most popular method used by "fifth wheelers" to carry a boat is to use our 5th Wheel Rack Kit over the cab of the truck. All models of the Eide loader will attach to this rack. The advantage of this technique is that the 5th wheel trailer is parked after the boat is still with the truck. It can be driven to the water without moving the 5th wheel trailer. The boat is carried upside down, stern forward. Tests have shown negligible difference in wind resistance between bow or stern forward into the wind.

Rack construction is powder coated square steel tube. Either the electric or hand winch model loaders can be used. Two options are available for attachment to the front frame of the truck. Both allow removal of the rack and loader when not in use. A 2" front end receiver is most common.

The size and model of the truck cab (standard, crew, extended, etc.) usually dictates the length of the boat that can be carried. Loaders accomodate almost all boat widths commonly in use. The distance from the truck front bumper to the front of the trailer will be determined by the boat length. Most standard size trucks will easily accept a 12ft boat. Extended or crew cabs will accommodate a 14ft. boat. For longer boats or over 295 lbs. please contact the factory.

The 5th Wheel Rack comes in kit form and attaches to a solid front end mounting system which is bolted to the truck frame. The rear of the rack bolts to mounting brackets fastened to the top of the bed wall. The rack is readily removed after initial installation. 400 lb capacity. Installs with hand tools. (Loader not included with rack)

The 5th Wheel Rack contains a completely adjustable square tube assembly, fasteners and rear bed wall mounting brackets. All Power Coated Steel construction. The rack's front end mounting system is designed to attach to the truck 2” receiver.

The Model 404 Handwinch and 404 Electric are designed for the 5th Wheel Rack; other models can also be adapted. The loader can be unbolted from the rack and the rack be removed from the truck when not in use.

The 2” receiver attaches to the vehicle frame in back of front bumper. (Customer Supplied)

Our # 27-001 “Stinger” Tee attachment slips in receiver, 5th Wheel Rack bolts to the Tee attachment. Rack and Stinger Tee are removable.

The 5th Wheel Rack (Part # 21-700) & Stinger

For pick-ups that have rain gutters over the cab, a single pole front upright can be ordered that installs into a front mounted receiver. The quick release clamps in a model 205 or 305 loader attach to the rain gutter over the cab.

For heavier boats or different vehicle configurations, please contact the factory.

404 Loader & Rack
205 Loader & Pole
404 E Loader & Rack


The Eide loader will allow the operator to load or unload the boat by pushing a button in the 12 volt electric model or by turning a hand winch. The boat will automatically untie itself in unloading and tie itself down both front and rear upon loading. The loader takes all the hassle out of carrying and using a boat. It also allows the use of a larger and wider boat that can normally used for “car topping”.

OVER 30,000 LOADERS ARE IN USE SINCE THE FIRST UNITS WERE INTRODUCED THE EARLY 70s. The Eide loader is by far the most popular in the world and has a proven record in all kinds of applications. The 12 volt electric models run off the vehicle battery and draw only about 1% of the energy in the battery for a loading operation. It uses a proprietary right angle worm gear motor which provides automatic lock up when stopped, which is a major safety feature when operating the loader.


2' square tubing with a solid steel stinger bolts into receiver. Easy removal.

Center pole weight, 40lbs

Solid steel stinger fits 2" receiver.

Model 205 or 305 Loaders bolts to front tee bar and attaches to truck drip rails.

Model 305 Hand Winch
12 Volt electric Model 205 or hand winch Model 305. No drilling of the truck cab. Easy removal Models 205 and 305.


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