How It Works
The outboard motor is securely anchored to the motor carrier. Release the shaft holder bungee, remove safety hitch pin and slide the motor out past the tailgate.

Re-install the safety hitch pin to lock the motor in position. Place the outboard motor in the “shallow tilt” position, lift the shaft end of the motor out of the shaft holder until the motor locks into position.

Remove the swivel lock hitch pin, rotate the outboard motor 180 degrees, reinstall the hitch pin to lock the motor carrier swivel in place. The motor is ready to place on your boat!

Release the outboard motor from the “shallow tilt” position and lower the motor. This position can be used to flush or service the motor.

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  • Carries out-board motor in vehicle.
  • Pulls out to pass tailgate on unloading
  • Swivel transom, lower to unload
  • Rust free aluminum construction
  • Removable flush mount nutsert for ease with removing/attachment


Blind Installation:
Nutsert insert are installed by one operator from one side, Remaining in the pick up bed.

Flush mount insert for easy removal and installation

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Stop Fighting Your Outboard Motor!
  • Stop motor damage
  • Slide motor in or out of vehicle with ease
  • Transport motor safely
  • Provides a flush and service platform

  • Rust-free aluminum construction
  • Ball bearing track
  • 110 lb. Capacity
  • Fastens to the bed of the vehicle
  • Flush mount installed “nutsert” for easy removal and re-installation
  • Installs with simple hand tools
  • Left or right side installation


Boom : 42” extruded aluminum
Mounting Track : 36” extruded
Transom : 1 1/2" X 9 1/2" x 10 3/8"
with Swivel
Weight Capacity : 110lbs left side or right side mount
Ball Bearing : 8
Flush Mount : (nutsert)
Shipping Weight : 26lbs

The installed length for travel is about 60"

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