Makes it easy for one person to load or unload a boat!

Eide Car-A-Boat Model 5500

One Man Loader for passenger cars, compacts and pickup trucks. Tube with boat clamp bolts into the hole, that normally holds the trailer hitch ball. Easy installation and removal. Accessory for trailering the boat available if you have transom wheels. Attaches to tube.

The Car-A-Boat makes it easier to manually load and unload a Car Top Boat on almost any vehicle with a ball type trailer hitch and an existing cross bar roof rack.

The transom clamp on the Car-A-Boat is adjusted and set to the height of the front carrying rack on the vehicle. The stern of the boat is manually picked up, set and secured in the clamp. The bow of the boat is picked up and the bow swiveled and placed and secured on the front rack.

The Car-A-Boat upright tube bolts into the trailer ball hitch. An accessory shown on this page allows the Car-A-Boat to be used while the ball is being used for trailering.

The Car-A-Boat comes standard with a 54” upright tube. It can be ordered with a 72” upright tube for taller vehicles.

Strong, cast aluminum clamps securely hold the transom of the boat. The aluminum pivot assembly can BE locked in place and adjusted up or down for different vehicle heights.
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