• Rugged “6061-T6” (aircraft aluminum) construction.

  • Automatic Tie Down. Solid aluminum cast brackets.

  • Wear resistant “Zytel 101” roller bushings.

  • 1900lb test, UV protected, easy splice polypropylene lines.

  • Quiet, proprietary 12VDC right angle gear-motor with a 300:1 gear reduction for safe, automatic “lock-up” when not energized (electric loader).

  • Efficient right angle cordless drill driven gear box, automatic "lock-up' when cordless drill stops turning.

Safety First

  • 4 attachment points on the boat with 4 lines for loading and unloading. The boat is automatically tied down when fully loaded.

  • The 12V direct drive gear motor or the cordless drill drive cannot loosen unless it is energized (the advantage to using a right angle gear box).

Right angle, 300:1 Gear Motor
Cordless drill drive unit
2 Line attachments forward
2 Line attachments on transom
Front of boat is pulled tight against front roller
Transom is pulled tight against power roller

eide boat loader

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