Out Board Motor Hoist

How It Works
The Motor Hoist boom slides into two brackets that are attached under the boat loader.  The boom is then locked into place with a quick disconnect pin.

The winch line from the boat loader is passed through the pulley at the end of the boom, the hoist is ready to load the outboard motor.

The secure nylon harness is buckled to the motor head and can be left in place while motoring, easily removed for servicing.

Using the boat loader controls, lower the winch line and attach to the motor harness, loosen the transom toggles and raise the winch line with the boat loader, the outboard is pulled straight up and off the boat.

Open the tail gate and slide out the motor carrier, lock the motor carrier into position and lower the motor with the boat loader onto the transom mount of the motor carrier*. Remove the winch line from the motor harness.

Raise the motor to shallow tilt, swivel the motor and lower the shaftinto the motor carrier "V" block and slide it into it's locked position. Remove the Motor Hoist boom and you're ready to load your boat!

*If you do not have a motor carrier, you can simply guide the motor down onto the tail gate, then store in your usual fashion.







2" Wide Nylon straps with safety strap included.
  • Rust-resistant zinc plated boom and brackets
  • Solid high strength "Delrin" pulley
  • 130 lb. Capacity
  • Fastens to the boat loader
  • Quick disconnect pin for easy removal and attachment
  • Installs with simple hand tools
  • Left or right side installation

Boom : 42” Zinc plated steel

Mounting Brackets
: Zinc plated steel

Motor Harness : 2" wide nylon straps with safety strap

Weight Capacity : 130lbs left side or right side mount

Shipping Weight : 26lbs

Prices, design and specifications subject to change without notice

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