“Do It Yourself” kit design, assembles with hand tools
Packaged weight, 125lbs, nominal
500 lbs. carrying capacity
Removable. Transferable to a new vehicle
Power coated steel tubing, telescoping sections
Extends 3' over cab of truck, standard
Bolt on mounting bracket attach to top inside truck bed wall
Three cross bar heights; 24”, 27”& 32”
Two mounting options: UR & CR;
     UR Models 24, 27 & 32. Mounts directly on top of bed wall (no canopy)
     CS Models 24, 27 & 32. Canopy/Shell mount (must be used with canopy in place)
Vertical uprights are flush with top of cross bars
Insta Racks will accommodate the following Boat Loaders;
     404 & 404E (see with determination below)
     305 & 205 Boat loaders (see width determination below)


Rack width Determination

The width of the truck bed determines the width of the top of the Insta Rack. It is important to the selection of the correct Boat Loader


CS Model mounting plates to be used with a canopy in place.

Use UR Model mounting brackets without a canopy.

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The width of an installed Insta Rack on a given truck, (A or C) is determined by 1) the inside width of the bedrails (X), 2) the selected mounting bracket ( UR or CS) and 3) the selected height of the vertical upright.

No Canopy (A)
Upright on top of bed wall

24: A=X minus 4 ½
UR 27: A=X minus 5 ½
UR 32: A=X minus 6 ½

With Canopy (C)
Upright mounts outside of bed wall
CS Model

CS 24: C=X plus 5
CS 27: C=X plus 4
CS 32: C=X plus 3

For Boat Loader applications, if the “C” or “A” dimension is 4” or more than the width of the boat, Models 404, 404E and 204 can be used. If the “C” or “A” dimension is less than 4” wider than the width of the boat, use only 305 or 205 “Special Canopy” Models.

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