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We build a family of U.S. made marine products to provide the ultimate ease of use and transport of boats from 8 to 16 ft, 295 lbs and 72” in beam.

Tens of thousands of these products have been proven in over 34 years of reliable use. Over 30,000 boat loaders have been sold.
Each of our products have unique performance capabilities designed to take the hassle out of using a boat. We put fun back in fishing.

Starting in 1973, we pioneered the Automatic Boat Loader and have by far the best selling boat loader in the world, offering six models covering a wide variety of vehicles. We provide a portable drill and 12 volt electric winch models for Pick-ups, Vans, Fifth Wheels including large Medium Duty Trucks, Suburbans, Jeeps, SUV’s, Cargo Trailers, Truck Racks, Motor Homes, Canopies, Toppers, Campers, etc.

Boat Loaders come in a kit form and can be assembled with hand
tools. Since the size of each boat and each vehicle is different, we
invite you to contact us with questions and prices. We look forward
to hearing from you.


Parts can be ordered at 1-800-937-3433


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